1) Open the "Finish Strong" video on the right hand side and
  • write down on a page in your English book how you think the message presented by this speaker might apply to you in general,
  • or in English specifically.
  • Watch this finish strong you tube clip here ...........

2) In All's Well that Ends Well Shakespeare compared a person's life to an actor who plays many different parts on stage.
This powerpoint uses a different analogy.
  • What analogy is used? (i.e What is life compared to?)
  • How might the message in this presentation help you to understand your parents, teachers, friends a little better?
  • Who would you recommend this powerpoint presentation to? Why? (If no-one, why not?)

3) Be inspired by the successes of others! Nothing is impossible! Lucy Marshall, a yr 13 student in Birkenhead College in 2010, had her short story selected for publication in the anthology entitled 'Fishing for Birds'. You could attain similar success - you just have to try.
Read Lucy's story here.