Literary Theory

Literary Theory helps to frame your understanding and interpretation of texts and The Hero's Journey is a good one to know and apply. This hour-long video of PBS's Bill Moyers interviewing the late Joseph Campbell on his theory of the monomyth, a.k.a. "the Hero's Journey" makes this theory easy to understand. It is well worth the investment of time.

If you just want an overview of what to expect first, you may want to see how noted industry screen writer Christopher Volger explains his understanding of Joseph Campbell's monomyth. (Volger wrote an explanation of Campbell's theory after writing The Lion King and this brought the literary theory of The Hero's Journey to Hollywood's attention). The youtube clip shows each stage as revealed in the Wachowski Brothers film, The Matrix.

Need more? Here's a slideshow synopsis of the monomyth theory (The Hero's Journey), with examples from well-known films to illustrate each stage of the hero's journey.

Summary of The Hero's Journey and Schol Prep Activity

Here's an example of the task.