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US 12431- Close reading of visual text

For detailed notes on Tsotsi, click here

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George Bush Speech: http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/gwbush911addresstothenation.htm

dancing_boy.gifHere's an exemplar of what you should hand in for US 8834

Another couple of exemplars of an 8834 report

The Yellow Wallpaper - interested in finding out more about this story? Click here.Read the actual story here -


Good news! There is only one external paper which will be written. Prepare your exam responses by clicking here to get a link to a wiki on American Beauty. If you would like to work on a few practise essays click_here_2.gif
This is your homework: write a practice essay at home. This is the topic for L3: To what extent do you agree that the techniques of film are ideally suited to the treatment of themes? Discuss your views with close reference to the treatment of a key theme in a film (or films) you have studied, referring in detail to at least TWO techniques.