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Crime, punishment, justice and the law - formal writing on this topic. Either a letter to the community constable, or an opinion column to be published in a newspaper. This ppt might offer some stats relevant to some students' essays.


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1) Paper 1 will be a comprehension type paper with these sorts of questions. Revise anything related to language study - figures of speech e.g metaphor, simile / parts of speech e.g verb, adjective/ punctuation / register
2) Paper 2 - For this paper you will have to write two essays. The first essay should be on a written text - just like the practice essay that you wrote. It has to have quotes in it to back up what you are saying. Memorise quotes! The second essay should be on the film we have studied. Remember, you need to memorise examples and names of techniques e.g if the film you studied was' Bend it like Beckham ' then you should write sentences like this in your essay: When Jess' mum catches her playing soccer in the park, the mid-shot (technique) of Jess and the boys, confirms why she is in trouble, as the camera is far away enough from her to show the boys who she should not be mixing with, but close enough to show the shock on her face. (explanation)
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Language Study Test

Open this file to see how to write your book review on "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas".

Film Study: 10 Things I hate about you

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